When it comes to college text books, everyone has their own preferences to study. According to this, Cengage Brain has been offered various kinds of options including textbook rentals, textbooks, echapters, ebooks, and more. CengageBrain.com is a part of Cengage Learning.

As Cengage Brain is one of the world’s largest providers of tailored learning solutions, Cengage Learning has been deeply committed to a wide variety of choices to educators, students, administrators, learners, and parents when they are purchasing educational materials. The main goal of the Cengage Brain is that students will have access to learning resources that can make the difference in their academic career and ultimately in their lives.

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Specifically, Cengage Learning is made up of complimentary, diverse, and businesses that provide products and services which needed for learning. It is providing the information goes beyond the textbooks and programs.

CengageBrain.com is the destination where you can purchase Cengage Learning textbooks, eChapters, eBooks, and study tools. At this online portal, finding the eTextbooks which priced up to 45% below the print book and the first eChapter is always free to access. It is also selling over 10,000 prints and digital study tools as well as online homework solutions.

Cengage Brain is offering a number of free student companion resources that included quizzes, glossaries, flash cards, and more. Whether you are looking to save your money or to have a choice in the format of the course materials that you purchase or you simply want to purchase when you have assigned for the class, CengageBrain.com is the best available source for you.

Login Steps to Access Cengage Brain Portal

If you are having an account at Cengage Brain, you can easily log into the portal by considering below step by step procedure which included:

  • Primarily, you need to type in website address named as login.CengageBrain.com from your preferred web browser.
  • As you have already an existing account, you can directly enter your login credentials information including email address and password on respective fields.
  • Once you ensure that the entered details are correct, go to login button and get access to the benefits offered.
  • If in case of forgotten password, go to forgot password option which is available under login credentials.

Register a Product at Cengage Brain

If you want to register a product at CengageBrain.com, you can go through below procedure:

  • Go to official website address www.CengageBrain.com after launching the web browser.
  • Accordingly, enter your code or Aplia Course Key or course link to register a product.
  • Once you have entered the right code, you can click on register button and get register for a product.

How to find a Course Link or Access Code or Course Key?

Course Link

Course Link is a direct entryway to your course. You will get it from your instructor. You can use this course link to register an access code and buy access or get a temporary access.

Access Code

An access code allows to register online materials that may come packaged with some new Cengage text books, purchased online, or purchased on a printed card at local book stores.

Course Key

Course Key is a string of numbers and letters that detects the specific materials that you will need access for your course.

Bonus Study Tools

To get your hands on bonus study tools with your textbook or eBook, you can log into the account and go to bonus study tools right from your “My Home” dashboard.

CengageBrain App

Through the CengageBrain App, eBooks can be accessed right from mobile phone and VitalSource.

CengageBrain for Instructors

Cengage Brain is an online bookstore and learning center. It is offering a choice for students when purchasing their course materials. Whether they want to read a chapter while commuting to class or take notes in a textbook class, CengageBrain offers it all.

It gives the students choices so that they can purchase and study any way that they want while providing an instant access to all course materials at one place. Available choices included text books, eBooks, best buy packages, and study tools.

CengageBrain.com is offering printed textbooks for purchase, eBooks, and online study tools including MindTap, CengageNow, Diet Analysis, CourseMate, and much more. It is also providing a wide variety of tools such as solutions manuals, practice quizzes, flash cards, and study guides to help you review materials as you prepare for exams.

How to Access Free eBook?

Free eBook program lets you to access two week’s free access to the eBook if you purchase a new print text. While it is shipping your print text through the email, it enables to get immediate access to the book content. Once you have completed the print purchase, you will be taken to My home dashboard where you will view the eBook list. You will get access to the eBook for two weeks only.

How to Search for a Product on CengageBrain?

In order to get best results, you can search for books based on ISBN. An ISBN is 10 or 13 digit number which usually printed on the back side of the book with a bar code that serves as a unique identifier for the book. By searching ISBN, you can get the best way of searching because it will get you the exact title and edition that you need. Most of the instructors include the ISBN on their syllabi or in their course management system.

If you don’t have a ISBN, you can try out a title or author search.

Title Search

You can enter all your words in the title that you are looking for. The search engine will try to find books that have all the words that you have entered.

Author Search

To search for a product, you can also enter all or part of the author name that you are looking for. You don’t need to enter a first name, but if there are a lot of books by authors with the same last name.

Keyword Search

You can follow keyword search to find out the product but this is not recommended as it will likely return a large set of results. Let’s say, if you want to search by keyword, you can try out a combination of author and keyword. To refine the search results, go to filtering or sorting options. Here, the filtering options are included product type and discipline area.